Wire Inserts for Car Seats

Every day, people sit on our products for the foam padding used in the vehicle seats of leading manufacturers in the automotive industry without even knowing it.

We produce wire inserts, span wires, line wires, quilting wires, upholstery wires and trimming wires according to your needs and requirements – in quantities ranging from one right through to several million.

Production of 2D and 3D wires and wire frames:

  • Wire thickness: 1.8 - 5.0mm
  • Materials: galvanized and phosphated spring steel wires in accordance with DIN EN 10270-1


  • 6 WAFIOS straightening machines
  • 27 self-constructed PLC-controlled wire bending machines
  • 3 WAFIOS BMS-2 CNC-controlled twin-head bending machines
  • 5 WAFIOS BMS 25 CNC-controlled twin-head bending machine
  • 1 WAFIOS BT 3.2 CNC-controlled twin-head bending machine
  • Welding machines

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