Stamped Parts and Assembly Production

Our stamped parts are used as weights for vibration dampers, profiled feet for containers, retaining brackets for pressure vessels, holders for injection pipes and much more.

We are happy to manufacture stamped and embossed parts with sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.8 to 6.0mm to meet your individual needs and requirements. We use a wide range of different materials to produce these parts.

The fact that our presses do not use coil lines also facilitates the cost-effective production of smaller quantities.


  • 1 plate shear
  • 5 eccentric presses
  • 1 x 30t press
  • 2 x 50t presses
  • 1 x 100t press
  • 1 x 200t press
  • Our machinery also includes an MEP Shark 260 automatic saw, which we use when processing bar material (flat bars, section steel and tubes).
  • As well as two projection welding machines and a spot welding machine.

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